I Want to Change the World

I can’t tell you how many times some one has asked me the question ” Where do you see yourself in five years?” Usually involved with some sort of future employment opportunity, but sometimes asked by relatives or friends. Like most people I would list my career goals, financial plans, or relationship standings. It was what was expected of me. Then I realized that if I were to be honest none of those things were even on my mind and that I was simply giving a standard reply. Something that was easy for them to swallow. I decided to sit down one day and be with myself. Asking the question “What do you want for your life?” The answer was clear and the message was strong. “I want to change the world !” Of course my first reaction was to doubt my own sanity. The victim of some Napoleonic complex, I would be institutionalized and could imagine the padded room and straight jacket that would be mine to keep for the rest of my life. Settling down from my run away imagination I was free to examine this self discovery and consider its possibilities.

Is it insane to wish the world to be a better place? I had to be honest with myself and the answer was no. There have been many people throughout history who have taken up the challenge to redesign the world as we know it. They aren’t considered crazy, well maybe in the beginning, but in the end they are called visionaries. They have liberated slaves, nations and the minds of millions, and it all started with the idea “I want to change the world.” I’m sure they had their critics and were called insane many times but they lived true to what was in their heart. I have to be true to my heart as well.

Changing the world seems like a huge task. We are so ingrained in our cultures and society that it seems an impossibility. I agree that trying to change the whole of mankind with one sweeping idea is unlikely to succeed. My desire is to change the world one person at a time. You are like me and I am like you. I’ve spent 23 years examining my life. Learning why I am who I am and the reasons I think like I do. Along the way I have learned new skills and techniques that have made my transformation possible, and I continue to learn more each day. Creating a life of my choosing, all the while setting myself free to be who I would like to be.

Applied Life Dynamics gives me the forum and opportunity to share with others the possibility and importance of examining their lives. To help others to create their own lives and release themselves from the bondage of the cultural slavery we have burdened our selves with. Living an unexamined and unfulfilled life strangles your spirit and the cost is your life.

I encourage you to examine your life. Ask yourself what your heart wants to experience in this our only life. Discover what brings you joy and fulfillment.Then proclaim it as yours and feel the burden of slavery lift from your shoulders. I now state with conviction “I want to change the world!”.

If you would like to change your world follow along. I will be sharing some thoughts, ideas, techniques, and philosophies that can help. Remember that we are the creators of our world, so we must live a “Life Created”

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