Taking the first step.

I think everyone who starts a new direction in life tends to wonder if they are heading in the right direction. The questions start to flood your mind. Your thoughts focus on whether your knowledge, determination, and resources will be sufficient. For some odd reason, our minds become the worst enemy we have ever faced. Of course all the questions and doubts come down to one all important question. Do I deserve to be successful?Most people will say only you can answer that question about yourself, because if you think you are then you are, if you think your not then your not. Let me offer another opinion. The answer I have discovered over the past twenty three years is that It Does Not Matter. Regardless of social standing, financial ability, or education, its your persistence that will determine your level of success. It’s your willingness to take the first step and then continue that will drive you forward. Many people might have a greater natural skill set, but you can overcome that disadvantage with hard work and dedication.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the first step.- Martin Luther King Jr

My journey of self discovery and self awareness started twenty three years ago. I decided that I wasn’t satisfied with the life I was living and that it had to change. The first book I read on this new journey was Self Matters: Creating Your Life from the Inside Out by Phil McGraw. It was a great eye opener and sparked my interest in creating a life of my choosing. Self Matters helped me to realize that the stories I was telling myself were just that, stories, and if they were just stories then couldn’t I make up any story I wanted. I decided to experiment with that idea.

Over the years I’ve stumbled upon and have been led to many different ways of thinking. Philosophies, religions, spirituality, new age thinking. I’ve changed careers, paradigms and health regimens. Now I’m starting my life as a blogger and writer for social media. Each new step is always difficult. It’s like putting on a new pair of shoes. You have to allow for a break in period.

Taking the first step takes courage and the understanding that everyone deserves the life they create. Some things will come easy and others will be more difficult, but the reward is in the journey. Growing past the pain of doubt and pushing yourself to new discoveries. Your mind will tell you to stay where it’s comfortable. Your friends and family will tell you that your crazy. That is when you know. This is the moment of self discovery. The choice will be yours. Will you take the first step?

2 thoughts on “Taking the first step.

  1. David you are correct! A person has to evaluate their mindset and change it. Often times we talk ourselves out of dreams and goals out of fear of failure…..but isnt that part of the journey? Successes and failures are apart of our journey and having a an “open mind-set” to the possibilities rather a “fixed mindset” which are negative thoughts that hinder us and our successes. We become our own barriers to reach the goals we set. All we can do is open our minds and take that first step to success. One step at time we need to embrace our journey.


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