5 Reasons Exercise is Crucial for a Healthy Mind

5 Reasons Exercise is Crucial for a Healthy Mind


When I first started my journey towards a more satisfying and successful life my focus was on why I was experiencing the life I had. For a few years my research was on changing my thinking and the functions of the mind. What I had been missing was the link between physical exercise and my mind. It was that link that was needed to propel me along the way. I have spoken to quite a few people who are laser focused on any and all techniques that could change their minds, but hadn’t had the desire to change their bodies to assist in their goal to change their minds. This will only slow your progress. The body and mind work hand in hand with your spirit to deliver the reality you will experience. Following I’ve listed the 5 benefits to physical exercise that I have experienced for myself during my journey in the hope that this will inform, inspire, and help you gain momentum towards your #lifecreated. Continue reading